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Google Sheets API (v4) and C# – Updating Cells

Writing an application in C# and interacting with the Google Sheets API? We've found information on that can be an unfortunately hit or miss kind of situation out there - so we thought we'd share a little bit of what we've found to work quite well. In our example we're…
the page a succesfull laravel 5 installation will show

Laravel 5 Installation – how to install it (and quickly!) with XAMPP and Composer

Laravel 5 is great, isn't it? Oh, I guess you might not know that yet - considering you are here reading an article about how to install Laravel 5. XAMPP will be our first stop. Head on over to Apachefriends and grab a copy of XAMPP for your machine (we…
akeeba backup successfull page

Why you should backup your site with Akeeba and how to do it!

Akeeba backup started out for the Joomla! CMS only - but since then, it has made some changes. These changes are great! If you are using Joomla or Wordpress - Akeeba backup can make your life way easy and here is how. Why Akeeba and why backup?  Here is the…
Coolsigns data source tab

Classic ASP, SOAP Requests, Digital Signage – Oh my!

This is an article about Classic ASP.  This is also an article about SOAP Requests and EMS Calender. It's also about how YOU can make them play nice together to achieve digital signage bliss with Haivision CoolSigns! Recently we had a client who had an existing Haivision Coolsigns platform setup…